How to Make Sauerkraut, #1 Part, Delicious and Healthy

Let me just say that I love the videos in this series of three, but I don't use my bare feet to make my sauerkraut! First of all my crock is too small. Second, I just don't care for the idea of eating kraut after someone else's bare feet, so I expect other people might feel the same. Not to say that I wouldn't try it with the plastic bags because it is very effective at jucing the cabbage. That said, this is a great little instructional series. The second video has a noisy bird in it and the "cabbage dance" is most memorable. I love her kitchen! Looks old worldish don't you think! Check out her website for info on the B&B which were our favorite places to stay when we were in Europe.


Vintage Horse Trailer Renovation

My latest project is renovating a vintage horsetrailer. Looks pretty ugly, but it's fairly sound. I've been looking for a while since we've had two horses for years and I've joined Women on the Edge which is a new trail riders association started up right here in Kentucky. My brother says, "I've got one you can have!". Now that the kids are all out of the house I needed something to fuss over I guess. There will be room for the two horses and a tiny cabin up front. Western style decor sounds good with a miniature chandelier just for a fun fancy touch. Farmgirl fancy or junk gypsy suits me just fine. I'm kind of excited about it!


Big Hill Farm Fair

Farm Fair
October 1 at the Big Hill Welcome Center

Here’s  What we’re Hope’n For:
Art & Craft Booths, maybe some demonstrations!
Pickin & Singin’-Jammin’ on the Porch!
Someone to teach the Virginia Reel and maybe a line dance or two!
Antiques to Show or Sell
Farm & Kitchen gadgets and goodies-and tractors and old trucks!
Barter, Sell & Trade Booths
Farmer’s Market-I don’t know! Taters? Mums!!! PUMPKINS!
Corn Hole Competition
Whittlers & Chainsaw Carvers
Face Painting
Hoopin’and Hoppin’ Contests, Old Timey Kids GAmes!
Food Vendors of the Old FAshioned Kind! You know-Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Hot Dogs n’ Stuff!
Photo Booth!!! That would be fun! Hello, Jackson County PHOTO Club???

Come in Costume:
Cowboy Boots, Hats & Garb!
Vintage or Junk Gypsy- It’s just for fun!
We should have a apron pageant!  Sorry men-Overalls?

What better time than fall to have a Farm Fair at the Big Hill Welcome Center. We did this in 2009 and folks are askin’ , so here we go again.


1.    Decide you are going to participate!
2.    E-mail me with your ideas.
3.    Reserve a booth for $5.00 (so we can support the Welcome Center a wee bit!).
4.    Spread the word to other crafty/artsy/talented folks who might be interested too!
5.    Be annoying-FORWARD THIS! Send it to your Facebook friends for goodness sake!!!
6.    Talk to your neighbors and tell ‘em to reserve the day for some good, wholesome fun!
7.    Oh, and we need some volunteers to help run this thing!