Vintage Horse Trailer Renovation

My latest project is renovating a vintage horsetrailer. Looks pretty ugly, but it's fairly sound. I've been looking for a while since we've had two horses for years and I've joined Women on the Edge which is a new trail riders association started up right here in Kentucky. My brother says, "I've got one you can have!". Now that the kids are all out of the house I needed something to fuss over I guess. There will be room for the two horses and a tiny cabin up front. Western style decor sounds good with a miniature chandelier just for a fun fancy touch. Farmgirl fancy or junk gypsy suits me just fine. I'm kind of excited about it!


Debbie said...

My trailer is now topless since the top is to be raised about 12". Apparently this was a livestock trailer vs. a horse trailer. And the axles are to be moved back for better weight distribution. This is truely a complete renovation. Trying to decide between a carmel chocolate brown or the original turquoise blue for the paint color!

Linda Cooper said...

Did you ever finish the horse trailer renovation? I'm contemplating one on our property to just decorate but not haul livestock. Thanks.

Debbie Jackson Wagers Billips said...

Yes, but it ended up a very expensive project. We were using it to haul horses and use as a bunk room. If you're not concerned about that, then it should be fun to just decorate.