Raw Food Menu Ideas

The interest in raw foods is growing. I've come across several people who are interested in adding more raw food to their diets. Here are some of my favorite meals. If you want a recipe, let me know and I will add that under the recipe file to the right. 

Raw Food Menus

            Green Smoothie
Fruit & Nuts with Superfoods
Cucumbers with pecans
Superfoods Combo: Goji berries, hemp seeds, cacao nibs, green powder, coconut oil, honey
            Shake Your Money Maker: Super-Food Shake-Matt Amstand
            Gabes Goodies: Morning-After Delight
            Buckwheat Crispies/Cereal

            Large green salad with nuts or seeds and a great dressing
Guacamole with chips or veggies
            Spinach and Strawberry Salad
            Kale Salad
            Cucumbers with pecans
            Cucumber & Tomato Salad
            Cleansing Beet Salad
            Broccoli Salad with Pine Nuts & Crasins
            Avocado Sandwich on Onion Bread
            Avocado Reuben
            Lettuce wraps

            Zucchini pasta with fresh tomato marinara
            Zucchini pasta with pesto, tomatoes, olives, avocado & pine nuts
Fresh corn chowder
            Ramen cabbage salad with tomatoes
            Raw Tacos with Nut Meat & Cashew Cheese
            Raw Chili
Gorilla Sandwiches (Stuff hollowed out cucumbers with chopped veggies: jalapeno, yellow peppers, tomato, sprouts, diced avocado, 'wilted' spinach (diced seasoned and dehydrated 1 hr) marinated mushrooms, kelp, served with Snowdrop's Ranch Dip or other dressing)
            Nori Rolls with avocado, carrot, cucumber & dipping sauce

Desserts and Snacks
            Superfoods Truffles
            Cauliflower popcorn (shake in ½ cup nutritional yeast & sea salt)
            Guacamole with chips or veggies
            Raw Hummus with Zucchini or Cashews
            Apples with pecans, cinnamon, Yacon syrup
            Fresh Strawberries with Almond Crumble or cashew cream
            Halva (1 cup tahini + 1/2 cup honey, roll into balls)
            Kale Chips
            Raw Nut butter with apples, celery &/or carrots
            Shortbread (raw walnuts, unsweetened coconut, medjool dates, a little sweetner)
Stuffed date 'snickers' ( nut butter, cacao nibs, chopped nuts, coconut nectar)

            Chia with fruit juice
            Lemon-Lime Aid Slushy with Stevia
            Herbal tea
            Sun Tea
            Tonic Drink
            Water with Goji berries 

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