Another Batch of Kombucha!

Flavored with raw sugar, lemon, lime, ginger slices, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, and apple cider! A recipe from my friend Carla that is just delicious! Even Alan will drink it.


City of McKee Mural Project/Workshop

"The work is ready to begin on a new mural for McKee. The Mural which will highlight the points of interest in Jackson County will help guide visitors to our local treasures. The mural will be the end result of a free workshops open to everyone. Debbie Jackson Wagers Billips, a local artist and instructor, will be leading the efforts to create the mural. At these workshops, Debbie will instruct on what materials to use, how to prime the boards, layout a mural and paint the mural. This is a hand on workshop and we will need many volunteers to help complete the project.
The free workshops are scheduled to begin this Monday and Wednesday, May 19th and May 21st, and then again Wed May 28th; then every Monday and Wednesday in June. The workshops will be held from 3 to 7 pm at McKee City Hall, down in the fire house. Anyone interested is invited to attend any and all the workshops. These free workshops are sponsored by the City of McKee, Vision Board, Trail Town Committee, and an ARC Flex E grant. This is a great opportunity to learn from local Artist Debbie Jackson Wagers Billips."
Judy Schmitt

The mural project for the City of McKee begins today, May 19th from 3:00-7:00 pm!

Included here will be information helpful to those involved in that project or anyone who is interested in mural painting!

The paints we use will be from a company called Nova Color from California. Their website contains very helpful information on painting murals and their customer service has been exceptional!

Several pages from their site which are very good for reference:
Acrylic Paint FAQ
NOVA Questions and Answers
Tips for Painting an Exterior Mural Using Acrylic Paint
Techniques of Community Murals

We will be preparing our work area and discussing the materials and steps involved in painting a mural at our first session! See you soon!