Plein Air with R & F Pigment Sticks

"Simple Truth"- 6"x6" oil on panel

"Quiet Glow"-6"x6" oil on panel

Two small Plein air pieces completed this past weekend at my home. One at the pond and the other from the driveway because I liked what was left on the palette. One took about two hours and the other about two minutes. This was a test for using R & F pigment sticks as a Plein air medium. The only frustration was getting them out of the plastic tubes they are stored in. Easy to fix. Love the portability and the saturation. Applied with brushes and fingers. I'll use them again, but experiment with a bit of medium although these pigment sticks are fluid enough to use alone.


Sanity Drawing - 03162016

Oil pastel, charcoal, acrylic ink, acrylic paint-38" x 22" on brown paper. 

I love doing these drawing/paintings. It's my time to relax, de-stress, and just enjoy being creative. I buy the brown paper at Lowes-it comes in rolls. I use whatever medium I have on hand that strikes my fancy, especially the ones I've been "saving"!

No judgement. Just go!


Stacked Acrylic Panels

I like the look of these stacked cradled panels. Now to figure out if I want them attached together permanently. 

Gunpowder & Shellac 1

Now that the weather is warming, I'm on the porch with a couple of encaustic works I want to finish with gun powder and shellac burns. Best to do those outside don't you agree! 

An encaustic I didn't particularly like.

Reworked a bit.

A black powder burn for some additional texture and interest.

Then a shellac burn on top of the whole painting. Much happier with the finished work.


Last Snow

It was suppoose to only rain today. It snowed. I have unintentionally created a series of "Last Snow" paintings over the past few years. Maybe that's what this one is to be. Chalk pastel, watercolor, and acrylic ink-it's actually in a watercolor sketchbook. I may add some gold leaf since the photo with the glowing trees looks so interesting.